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Chrysalis (Non-Profit)


In India, there are approximately 1.7 million individuals with autism and many are still unidentified or misdiagnosed. For those diagnosed as autistic, there is a dearth of services and facilities to meet their specific needs. Recognising this rising need for special schools and centres for children with autism, Roshinipriya Charitable Trust has established Chrysalis – School for holistic development of children with autism where different therapies have been assembled to suit the needs of each child. The synergy of a positive attitude and our intensive development programme can offer your child an opportunity to transform from a chrysalis to a beautiful butterfly.



Our philosophy at Chrysalis isTo nurture the child with autism so that he/she attains his/her true potential and leads an independent and meaningful life.


This holistic development will be achieved through the multifarious services and therapies, which are provided in a structured, positive and empathetic environment at Chrysalis. Children with autism do not learn in the same way other children do. More often we have to teach them some basic skills that we have learnt intuitively. We wish to teach in the way the child learns rather than in the way we expect the child to learn. We believe that autism is not a life sentence of isolation and withdrawal from society but challenges that need to be met and dealt with. And through our every endeavour we aim to become a centre of excellence for children with autism.


Our objectives are to:
Develop an appropriate curriculum based on individual needs of the child
Provide intervention strategies for the acquisition of academic and life skills
Successfully mainstream children with autism into the society
Educate and train parents in dealing with the different needs of their children
Create public awareness on the needs and abilities of children and adults with autism


Chrysalis (Non-Profit)
Chennai, India