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Smartsoft Mobile has over 650 experienced ERP and mobility consultants world-wide with packaged, out-of-the-box mobile apps running on today’s consumer grade devices. Smartsoft’s capabilities address both the B2B and the B2C mobile needs by connecting a customer’s transactional data and/or data warehouse systems with the mobile audience. This provides a high value solution quickly to both internal and external customers.

Smartsoft is a long standing, respected partner with SAP and other major providers. Smartsoft is up-to-speed and well positioned in the new SAP mobility environment. Smartsoft has delivered solutions for hundreds of Fortune global companies to deploy, enhance, and modify their ERP implementations as well as provide mobile access to those systems. Smartsoft knows ERP and enterprise mobility, inside and out.

Smartsoft's packaged mobile apps cross eight horizontal functional areas and are available today to demonstrate the value today’s mobile audience can receive. Combined with Smartsoft’s consumer-focused experience, Smartsoft solutions provide beneficial and compelling functionality for the entire mobile audience - employees, partners, and consumers. Smartsoft's ability to rapidly deploy mobile apps leads to rapid ROI on the mobile solution and increased ROI on the back office systems.

What makes the Smartsoft Mobile solution unique is that it aggregates the various mobile approaches under a new paradigm to provide access for the entire mobile audience to all transaction and data warehouse systems (e-commerce, ERPs, CRMs, Project Management, etc.). From a common platform, employees, partners, and customers utilize their mobile devices to get the relevant data they need. They define and deliver on a complete mobile strategy using: the Smartsoft Mobile platform, experienced consultants, mobile user experience experts, a templated consumer mobile application approach, and packaged mobile applications for employees and partners. The defined solution gets used by the intended audience. This usage drives further adoption which ultimately delivers the ROI of the solution as well as increases the ROI of your existing systems.

Some of the features of the Smartsoft Mobile solution include: 1) Compatibility with multiple mobile operating systems and multiple enterprise systems; 2) A solution containing Mobile Applications, Services Bus, and Connectors; 3) Out of the box product with pre-packaged applications; 4) Optional license to the source code for partner/customer extensions; 5) SaaS or traditional license model; 6) True native mobile device applications; and 7) Leverages a single “engine” to provide B2E (business to everyone) mobile capabilities

You can download Smartsoft Mobile’s solutions for consumer and employee focused apps on the Apple iTunes App Store, Android Market, BlackBerry App World, and Microsoft Marketplace.


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