Park Overview

Service Building




Passenger Lift

Two Lifts with a carrying capacity 15 persons has been provided near the main entrance / lobby has been provided from the basement to third floor of the building.

Service Lift

A Service lift with a carrying capacity of 8 persons at the rear end of the building near break out area. This lift operates from basement to terrace



Ground water is the source of water supply. Two bore wells have been sunk

Sum Capacity

360,000 Litres. Tank partition has been made to store water as Fire Hydrant. 

Overhead Tank Capacity

60,000 Litres

Service Water

Softened water has been provided for the use in the entire IT Park except for drinking water purposes.

Drinking Water

Reverse Osmosis plant has been installed for supplying potable water

Sewage system

A comprehensive sewage water treatment plant has been installed. Treated water from the sewage system is used for irrigating lawn and gardens